True Love

March Soap Challenge Club was about Rimmed Soaps. Technique that was mastered by Tatsiana Serko

 I decided to make soap that will celebrate  upcoming Mothers Day. My inspiration was graphical art below:

 Journey was painfully long since technique was challenging in many ways, but I am very happy with end result. 

True Love Rimmed Soap Video on YouTube.

Soaps are made with Tatsianas recipe. 

How are mother and baby done?

What I did is hand craved them and filled with black butter. You remove rest of black butter after few minutes and try to clean as much as possible. Live to cure and clean again. Advantage is that you can make few different design from one roll of soap. 

Thank you !

Organza Natural Bath Bomb’s

A unique and uplifting chamomile that will help you relax after long day. Calm down and enjoy!   
A creamy Vanilla Oatmeal with just a click of bourbon for unforgettable bath experience. 

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