Winter Wonderland for Amy’s Soap Challenge Club

My inspiration  for this month soap challenge was photo below.  Polar bears are so beautiful that I couldn’t pass this opportunity. 


The soap is made using following recipe:

Avocado oil – 5.88%

Canola – 11.76%

Castor – 2.35%

Coconuts – 29.41%

Mango butter – 2.35%

Olive – 42.35%

Palm Kernel – 5.88%

At room temperature.  For colors I used indigo, yellow clay ( just a bit for bear) and Yellow Brazilian Clay ( about one espresso spoon to neutralize olive and hold scent).  I chose to risk by use Eucalyptus EO and Lavender EO that turned amazing.  I could fill cooling effect of EO bland when molding bears. Love it.

Polar bear was hand molded from soap that was made day before. ( sorry for bad photos that I needed to take with my phone in between making soap 😰).


The next day I used polar bears as inserts and filled rest of the mold with white soap butter and really scary green indigo soap butter. 😬


At this time point I stopped taking photos. My hand got too buttery and the bears needed to be remolded to fit in to soap mold.  

By using more soft oils my soap was still soft but I took the risk and cut it, praying for the best……..

Polar bear soap turned great. I used black peppercorns for the eyes and charcoal mixed with glycerine for nose and paw details. 





 I hope you like it as much I do. 


40 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland for Amy’s Soap Challenge Club

    • Organza Soaps says:

      Hello Claudia: bears were shaped from soap loaf using small knife to cut out basic form. They after I molded bears by hand till I was happy with it. Eyes and glycerine were added afterwards. Thank you🌞


    • Organza Soaps says:

      Sara you totally got me. Originally I meant to pull out one site much higher then is it , but bear size didnt play along and my mold was not high as took an hour of waiting for soft butter to settle down to consistency that can be pulled little over bears head. Thank you very much for your kind comment. 😊


    • Organza Soaps says:

      Thank you Amy😊 did you say Indigo😩 I can’t get over it. When I saw you using it I decided to make very high concentrated paste in hope to reach beautiful blue jeans color that I have seen in soaps, but noooo …. If you get behind indigo secret please share. Thank’s🌞


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