Bergamot Black Tea Artisan Soap

If I just could post the intensity of this delicious scent. A mysterious and uplifting blend of bergamot, Sicilian lemons and black tea. Simply delish soap bar and only few let in our Etsy shop.

Cashmere Artisan Soap

Thanks to Amy Soap Challenge Club is back. September 2018  challenge introduce us to the “Mini Drop” soap swirl. I decided to enter advance category that allowed multiple colors with droplets that are suspended in the soap base.  Top of the soap could be swirled as we like it.  This technique produce beautiful bars, but…

Sunrise Artisan Soap

I really enjoyed playing with colors by making Sunrise soap. It is a cold processed soap scented with clean, tropical and floral blend inspired by Tom Ford’s perfume Naroli Portofino. Thank you for visiting! Diana

Kiss Me Artisan Soap

Tea Rose scented soap that remind me on the rose juice that my grandmother used to make every summer, and I loved so much. It was a journey to find Rose scent that I would like, but this one is for sure my favorite one for now. Thank you for stoping by! Diana

Blue Chamomile Artisan Soap

I fill accomplished after cutting my new soap log. It is scented with one of my favorite Chamomile scent, that is uplifting, fresh and very different from all I had. Soaps are made with skin loving oils and butters. As always free of all ingredients that can’t be pronounced. Bars are palm oil free and…

Organza Naturals Grand Opening

My hard work is finally paying off! Organza Naturals website is done, and all products will be in the system ready for lunch on Friday, 01/19/2018. Please stop by to say hello, and share your opinion about overall look, and fill of my site. Let me know what would you like to be changed, or…

Secret feather soap technique 

This month Soap Challenge was the secret feather soap technique. I missed to enter soaps last time when Amy had Challenge with this technique and pushed my self to enter this month. Technique looked much easier than it was, but I am pleased with end results. This is my Secret Island Soap that is scented with…

True Love

March Soap Challenge Club was about Rimmed Soaps. Technique that was mastered by Tatsiana Serko.   I decided to make soap that will celebrate  upcoming Mothers Day. My inspiration was graphical art below:     Journey was painfully long since technique was challenging in many ways, but I am very happy with end result.         True Love Rimmed Soap…

Organza Natural Bath Bomb’s

A unique and uplifting chamomile that will help you relax after long day. Calm down and enjoy!        A creamy Vanilla Oatmeal with just a click of bourbon for unforgettable bath experience.     Thank you for stopping by!