True Love

March Soap Challenge Club was about Rimmed Soaps. Technique that was mastered by Tatsiana Serko

 I decided to make soap that will celebrate  upcoming Mothers Day. My inspiration was graphical art below:

 Journey was painfully long since technique was challenging in many ways, but I am very happy with end result. 

True Love Rimmed Soap Video on YouTube.

Soaps are made with Tatsianas recipe. 

How are mother and baby done?

What I did is hand craved them and filled with black butter. You remove rest of black butter after few minutes and try to clean as much as possible. Live to cure and clean again. Advantage is that you can make few different design from one roll of soap. 

Thank you !

Organza Natural Bath Bomb’s

A unique and uplifting chamomile that will help you relax after long day. Calm down and enjoy!   
A creamy Vanilla Oatmeal with just a click of bourbon for unforgettable bath experience. 

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Winter Wonderland for Amy’s Soap Challenge Club

My inspiration  for this month soap challenge was photo below.  Polar bears are so beautiful that I couldn’t pass this opportunity. 


The soap is made using following recipe:

Avocado oil – 5.88%

Canola – 11.76%

Castor – 2.35%

Coconuts – 29.41%

Mango butter – 2.35%

Olive – 42.35%

Palm Kernel – 5.88%

At room temperature.  For colors I used indigo, yellow clay ( just a bit for bear) and Yellow Brazilian Clay ( about one espresso spoon to neutralize olive and hold scent).  I chose to risk by use Eucalyptus EO and Lavender EO that turned amazing.  I could fill cooling effect of EO bland when molding bears. Love it.

Polar bear was hand molded from soap that was made day before. ( sorry for bad photos that I needed to take with my phone in between making soap 😰).


The next day I used polar bears as inserts and filled rest of the mold with white soap butter and really scary green indigo soap butter. 😬


At this time point I stopped taking photos. My hand got too buttery and the bears needed to be remolded to fit in to soap mold.  

By using more soft oils my soap was still soft but I took the risk and cut it, praying for the best……..

Polar bear soap turned great. I used black peppercorns for the eyes and charcoal mixed with glycerine for nose and paw details. 





 I hope you like it as much I do. 

Circling Taiwan Swirl 

Soap swirl technique for Amy’s Soap Club Chalenge was “Circling Taiwan Swirl” with dividers. This is one of techniques that require slow moving soap formulation.  

I decided to use Pearberry fragrance that doesn’t discolor  but hope to seamlessly have this soap done got killed with the worst surprise that you can think of. 


Soap butter started to accelerate, rise and play crazy as soon the fragrance hit the oils. In just few seconds my hand blender got stuck in a ball of soap and I was sure that was it.  My teen daughter who was ready to videotape me became star of the day. She put the camera down and started working through the butter of soap by hand and we managed to finished our project. If I take all issues we had with our soap butter in consideration I can proudly say that our soap turned great. 




Zesty Carrot Tea Tree Artisan Soap

Soaping with “Alternative Liquids” for Amy Warden Soap Challenge

Exciting about this month soap challenge was that we needed to replace water content in soap with alternative liquids. I had desire to make soap that is good for acne for a long time and this was a great opportunity to do it.

The soap should have great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for acne prone skin, but at the same time I needed soap that have good nourishing properties for sensitive skin.  As we all ready know carrots are loaded with vitamin A, B1,B6,B12, C, beta carotene, and they were excellent source to add some color to my soap. Almond milk contains vitamins like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. Tea tree essential oil for his excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties. Calendula flowers was my last, but not the least choice for Zesty Carrot Soap. It was thought that the chemical properties found in calendula help new tissue grow in wounds

As result of this exciding soap journey Zesty Carrot Soap was born.

Zesty Carrot by Organza Soaps

Zesty Carrot Teaa Tree




Organza Spring Cupcake Soap Collection

Enjoy, indulge but please don’t eat them!

Spring Collection is scented with a lovely bland of fruits, and flowers, to make sure you have a pleasant experience. Everything you see is handmade from soap in my studio.
All cupcakes are 2 in1 soaps. Bottoms are make of glycerin soap that is loaded with the triple action of shea, mango, cocoa butters; all of which are thought to benefit dry skin. , and tops are frosted with a creamy soap that can be used for a bubble bad, or in the shower as a cream soap. All cupcakes can be customized for your next party.